Shopping Bag with Sale Tag

The Holiday Season is upon us again. We anticipate the turkey, time with family, and the Black Friday Sales. The stores have already started the commercials promising great deals and showing satisfied customers.

A 2013 Wall Street Journal Article -The Dirty Secret of 'Discounts' stated "those bargains are just an illusion." The retail industry has already calculated the "full price" cost bevore they place the item on sale.

The original price is inflated. The first markdown is the actual full price. For Black Friday, prices are inflated an average of 8%. The markup for toys is 23%. Then they announce discouns and early bird specials to lure you into the store.

The public now believes that they will miss out if they don't shop on Black Friday. The competition is so fierce that retailers are starting earlier. Thanksgiving is now being dubbed Brown Thursday.

Do you know what the black in Black Friday means? Most people don't spend much during the year and the stores are operating in the red until the holiday season when they make enough money to cover the year's expenses.

So enjoy Thanksgiving wih your family. Stay home on Black Friday.

Check back soon to find out the best time to shop to get the real holiday deals.